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This was a list of all the boring training I have completed.

My present thought is that that is just boring and their is tons of it. The most recient include CompTia Security Plus as well as 2 MCITP certifications from Microsoft.

So New line of thought.

What computer stuff can I and have I done.

Short and sweet. I work as a Systems Administrator for the US Army.

I have worked with mainframes. I specialize in working with windows system registries. I have also worked with industrial systems from din rail PCs to PLCs.

I have consulted with several small businesses to assist them with everything including accounting automation, inventory control, web design, software database setup, and routine maintenance.

In short if you need someone with diverse background to learn your operation, perform a complete evaluation, and make a recommendations as to it can be improved in a cost effective manor then email me. When I work as a consultant I generally work myself out of a job as I want you to be able to handle, understand, and operate your business with increased efficiency (when possible), while maintaining min. overhead, and allowing expansion.

One special service I perform is the second opinion. If you don't understand the plan someone is placing before your don't guess if it is sound. If the doctor said you needed a 12 million dollar operation and you felt fine you would want a second opinion. If your looking at an expensive business recommendation plan. email me. I will give it to you straight. I don't sell any equipment, my only interest is you. As technology changes you may need to use me again. I want repeat customers.

Many companies will short change you. I reviewed a proposal to sell a company a server with Windows 2003 installed. (this comes with 5 lic. for terminal server included) yet the invoice was billing them an additional cost for them. When I pointed it out the company said it was an oversight and they would adjust their bid for the work. I don't think their would have been a refund if I had not caught that. Charges like that on a bid show a company prepared to double charge you. Like buying a pack of gum and then being charged for the wrapper.

Even companies with their own IT staff can benefit from a second set of eyes. Things are always changing. Costs have to be managed.


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