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Stores without a rating have not had their site fully evaluated.

AzureGreen Everything and at a fair price too.

The Magickal Cat Nice site. I enjoyed exploring this one and it was well worth the time a gave it.

Gryphons Moon Jewelry and whole lot more. Nice but lacking compared to some others. I won't dismiss this one though in hopes it will continue to improve.

Dunraven House General supplies. Nice but missing allot of pictures and a web plug-in issue too.

The Pagan Peddler Nice. General items. Well done.

Ancient Ways General supplies. Web is just a side line main focus is on the physical store. They do provide information but you won't find web glitz here.

WackyJac Pagan apparel. Fun but very limited.

Mystic Cauldron Everything a pagan might need store. Spend the time wonder through all the pages. Well Done!

CyberMoon Emporium General supplies. It is all here. Nice site.

Sacred Mists Shoppe General supplies. Another well done site. This is full of information and it flows well.

Arsenic and old lace Occult shop General supplies.

 Something Else Studio Mostly apparel and jewelry

Wejees Metaphysical Superstore Everything and more.

7th House

Awareness Shop Online store General supplies (in UK)

Peter Paddon Production's Alkhemia Not a great page.








Ratings: Links are rated by my opinion of the site. If I have purchased or have any other info it will be supplied in addition to the rating. Things of importance to me include finding what I want easily and if I want to buy it how much it will cost. I also like the eye candy.

 1 Worth Listing  

 2 Interesting  

 3 Worthy       

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 5 Must see    


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