An IT Professional and so much more

Presently #Iwork4Dell

What I do

I'm a cleared Senior Enterprise Systems Administrator. So I do IT on all levels for both network as well as system or enterprise levels. I support our client at their sites. My specialities include Microsoft Active directory, ADSI edit, Group Policy, Troubleshooting, and finding solutions. With Dell I have also had the opprotunity it increase my knowledge in marketing, and IoT.

How I got where I am

I have worked with IT for a long time, learning COBOL, FORTRAN, and Basic in high school. My first computer was an Apple IIe, I was also alble to abtain an old teletype from Ma Bell and use it to connect to the schools HP 3000. I ran a local BBS for several years helping others configure their modems to work with it. In Febuary 0f 2002 I went to work with Dyncorp as a Backups System Administrator and that began my career as a Govenment Contractor. We were sold off to CSC, I then went to CACI, STC, and eventually worked for the governement directly. Long story shortened due to furlows and unit reorganizations I made one of the best moves I could have and went to work for Dell.

About my IT experiances

I have been lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. My thrusting for knowledge, logical thinking, and ability to overcome chalenges have put me in positions to excell.

I have been able to be instrimental in helpdesk reform, relocated server farms, lifecycled tons of equipment, served as the final tier for incident resolution, controled multipule networks at an enterprise level, implmented countless solutions, opened new sites, and closed sites.

As a governement employee I traveled to South Korea several times with the unit I was assigned to to set up a moble headquarters unit, while with the APG NEC(Aberdeen Proving Ground Network Enterprise Center) I had the opprotunity to act as the represenative for the organization in the trasnsition process to a single network for the instalation, and lead Systems Administration & deployment teams.