An IT Professional and so much more

I'm currently serving as Lt. for Harford County, Maryland, Company 5

(Susquehanna Hose Company, Protecting Havre de Grace, MD)

What I do

In addition to my duties as an officer I am a member of the comapnies Board of Directors, An Appratus Operator (Tower 531, and Engine 511), Companies represenative to the county IT committee, Divemaster with the dive team, an EMT and member of the counties swiftwater rescue team. I'm also a peer counilor for Critical Incident Stress as part of the State's CISM team.

About my firefighting experiance

As a firefigher I have had the opprotunity to be a member of great teams as well as lead great teams. As a member I have pulled a person from a burning building, rescued animals, saved a person from a tree in a raging flood before the tree they clung too was ripped out by a larger tree floating down stream, and using my CPR/EMT skills I have even helped save a life.


I'm an EMT in the sate of Maryland, A CPR instructor with AHA, and Maryland Fire Service Personnel Qualifications Board Certified for Firefighter I, Fire Fighter II, Rescue Technician, Instructor I, Instructor II, Instructor III, Hazardous Materials Technician, Aerial Apparatus Operator, Confined Space Technician, and Surface Water Technician.